Why You Are Safe With Safe Seal of Michigan “NON” Coal Tar Sealcoat

What Is the Problem With Coal Tar Sealants?

In a nutshell, coal tar contains polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, commonly known as PAHs. Multiple studies have proven that PAHs can be lethal to many forms of aquatic life as well as the land animals and birds that consume the affected fish, turtles, and other freshwater creatures. PAHs are also known or suspected carcinogens that cause a variety of cancers in humans and other mammals. For example, in one study, fathead minnows and water fleas exposed to coal tar sealants suffered 100% mortality rate, compared to a maximum 10% mortality when exposed to runoff from pavements that had not been sealed. Furthermore, the problem is not limited to the water in rivers and lakes. PAHs can be inhaled or ingested, especially if they are tracked indoors and mixed with dust particles. Health and environmental concerns prompted Traverse City to ban the use of sealants containing coal tar in 2020.

What Are the Advantages of Using Safe Seal Asphalt Sealer?

Safe Seal protects your asphalt from the things that can inflict damage, including the freeze/thaw cycle, oxidation, water penetration, chemical spills, and automotive fluids that vehicles have leaked on your pavement. Best of all, it accomplishes the job without endangering the environment, sealcoating workers, and people who live, work, or attend school near sealed asphalt pavements. Safe Seal has a low level of volatile organic compounds, contains no solvents or asbestos, is nonflammable, contains no mercury or lead, will not inflict chemical burns, contains no carcinogenic materials, and has PAH levels that are near undetectable , permitted for use in areas that have banned toxic coal tar sealers.

What Is the Coverage Rate for Safe Seal Asphalt Sealer?

Whether the product is Safe Seal or a traditional coal tar sealant, there are many factors that can affect coverage rates. For example, new pavements that have never been sealed will require up to 50% more sealant than one that has been receiving periodic sealcoating. Safe Seal has a coverage rate of about 80 square feet per gallon, which is identical to the coverage rate of virtually all traditional sealants. When it comes to sealcoating with Safe Seal being eco friendly doesn’t cost more.

Why Should I Select Global Asphalt Solutions?

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