What Causes These Puddles in Parking Lots?

Materials like asphalt are known for being hardy, long-lasting, and highly resistant to the elements. People use these materials for a huge range of different tasks, many of which require something that can stand the test of time. Of course, though, asphalt parking lots don’t always last as long as their owners would hope or expect. Puddles can form over just a few short years, but how exactly does this happen when you’re using such a robust material? Let’s find out.

The Causes of Asphalt Puddles & Dips

There is a range of different issues that can result in puddles forming in a parking lot. Some can be controlled by the property owner, while others will have to be handled by the company that builds the parking lot in the first place. Here at Global Asphalt Solutions, we offer a range of asphalt repair options that can make your parking lot look as good as new.

Underground Collapse

The ground beneath your property is always changing. Small shifts and movements can have a dramatic effect on the underlying layers of your parking lot, causing dips to form in the asphalt on top and allowing puddles of water to form. The type of land you’re using, the materials used to build your parking lot, and methods employed by the construction team responsible for it will all impact this kind of damage.

Improper Drainage

No matter how deep and strong you make the foundations for your parking lot, soil will always make up the base layers of a structure like this. Having improper drainage from the surface of your asphalt can cause the soil to get eroded, eventually resulting in dips forming that will collect water. Water and materials like soil and sand don’t mix very well, making it crucial that liquids are being moved away.

Asphalt dips are generally caused when the bottom layers of a parking lot are eroded or collapse. It can be very hard to predict things like this happening on your property, and many businesses simply don’t know what to look out for when they are working to combat issues like this. Thankfully, many dips form slowly over time, giving you the chance to spot them and have your asphalt repaired before it’s too late.

Asphalt Repair from Global Asphalt Asphalt Solutions

Here at Global Outdoor Solutions, we will happily provide asphalt repair service for you. We’re an experienced asphalt sealcoating company, which means we know how to correctly repair damages to your road surfaces. Our services extend to both commercial and residential customers, meaning we handle parking lot potholes, driveway potholes, and many more.