What caused my pothole?

There are few things worse than discovering potholes on your property. Whether they’re parking lot potholes or driveway potholes, you know they become a nuisance. It’s well-known that driving over potholes can seriously damage many parts of your car. If you own a parking lot, then this is even more problematic as your customer’s cars will be damaged because of your potholes.

Thankfully, potholes can be filled in and sealed off, leaving your asphalt nice and smooth once more. In fact, this is a service we offer at Global Outdoor Solutions. However, you need to understand what caused your pothole to try and prevent more from occurring. So, if you have potholes, it’s likely down to one of these things:

Poor drainage

Water is the number one cause of potholes. When it stays on a surface, water eventually finds its way down below the top layer of asphalt. From here, it lingers under the road and stays there. This becomes an issue when the temperature gets cooler as water expands when it freezes

Consequently, the expansion causes cracks to form as the top layer of the asphalt is weakened. Then, it doesn’t take much for the top layer to collapse through, creating your pothole. Ironically, while water is the culprit, it’s a poor drainage system that’s the real villain. If your asphalt drained off properly, then the water would simply flow away instead of sinking under the surface.

Repetitive use

Naturally, many potholes are caused by repetitive use of the road surface. Sadly, this is pretty much unavoidable. People have cars, and you need to use them all the time. Heavy vehicles are the biggest problem, but there’s no way of really preventing potholes caused by the general wearing down of the surface. If you struggle with driveway potholes, then you could perhaps park your vehicle on the street outside your house instead. It’s not ideal, but it reduces the weight on the surface. 

Incorrect repairs

Lastly, some potholes are caused by poor repairs to other potholes. Say you have a pothole caused by poor drainage. A company comes and ‘repairs’ it, but they do a shoddy job. The existing pothole will get worse beneath the surface, causing a much bigger one to generate as the repair job fails. 

Likewise, patching up multiple potholes instead of addressing the entire asphalt surface can cause more potholes to appear. In short, be sure you get any potholes repaired by experts to prevent future ones from happening. 

Repairing your potholes will stop further damage from happening to any vehicles that go over them. These pesky holes can destroy tires and other parts of a vehicle. So, it’s essential that they are repaired swiftly and effectively.

Here at Global Outdoor Solutions, we will happily provide a pothole repair service for you. We’re an experienced asphalt sealcoating company, which means we know how to correctly repair damages to your road surfaces. Our services extend to both commercial and residential customers, meaning we handle parking lot potholes, driveway potholes, and many more. 

Feel free to contact us today to learn more about our service and to receive a free quote!