What Are the Benefits of Asphalt Milling?

What Are the Benefits of Asphalt Milling?
It can seem that asphalt contractors speak a foreign language that those outside the industry may have trouble understanding. After all, how many people know what a cold patch is, what an infrared repair involves, or what the difference is between crack filling and crack sealing? Sometimes, the terms offer a clue without providing complete understanding. One such term is a paving service known as asphalt milling.

What Is Asphalt Milling?

Milling machines are specialized pieces of equipment that can remove a very precise amount of asphalt paving. If you have ever driven over rumble strips cut into asphalt pavement, it is highly probable that a milling machine was used to create them. However, milling machines are more commonly used when installing an asphalt pavement overlay. They can also be used to address certain types of pavement damage, correct some drainage issues, or eliminate rough transitions between connecting pavements.

What Benefits Does Asphalt Milling Provide?

Milling offers several benefits, but the nature of the project determines the exact benefits. However, you can expect milling to provide one or more of the benefits listed below.

1. When installing an asphalt overlay, milling the existing pavement allows curb reveals and other protrusions to be kept at their original heights.
2. Since milling machines can be set to remove just a few millimeters of pavement, paving maintenance contractors often use them to correct areas of distressed pavement that do not go very deep.
3. Parking lot paving contractors frequently use milling machines to quickly remove all layers of asphalt so that they can repair or strengthen the underlying foundation.
4. When just a little pavement depth needs to be removed, milling can reduce the cost of hauling the scraps to an asphalt recycling plant.
5. When an entire pavement needs to be removed, milling offers an extremely rapid way to complete the task, potentially reducing labor costs and saving you money.
6. Milling machines subject the foundation to less stress than the heavy equipment that is used to remove asphalt pavements the traditional way.
7. Milling can correct a wide variety of pavement issues, including damage from vehicle fires, rutting, raveling, and bleeding.
8. Due to the speed offered by milling, streets and parking lots can be reopened faster, thereby reducing the potential for traffic or business disruptions.
9. Milling can help you retain the features that make your parking lot compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Curb ramps can be retained, and uneven transitions can be eliminated.

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