Tips For Parking Lot Snow Maintenance

For most of the year, you don’t give your parking lot a second thought. It silently gets on with its job, providing a convenient space for customers to leave their vehicles.

But when the winter hits, you suddenly have a problem on your hands. You still want people to be able to park their vehicles close to your premises, but snow and ice in your parking lot make conditions dangerous and could put some people off.

Michigan sees an astonishing 64 inches of snow per year – more than double the national average of 28 inches. Thus, practically every enterprise in the state will need to conduct snow maintenance at some point.

We believe it helps to have a plan in place ahead of time so that you’re ready to respond when the weather finally takes a turn for the worse. Here are our tips for parking lot snow maintenance:

Tip #1: Tackle High-Traffic Areas First

When it comes to managing your parking lot, you need to prioritize certain zones over others. This is particularly true if the snow keeps coming and going. In this situation, you’re not going to be able to keep all areas of your lot snow-free all the time, so you need to prioritize.

The best approach here is to partition your parking lot into high- and low-traffic areas. High-traffic areas might include:

  • The main entrance
  • The primary parking space access routes
  • The routes that pedestrians take to get to your front door

Keeping these clear helps make it easier for people to park their vehicles and access your premises on foot.

Tip #2: Be Careful Not To Block Routes While Plowing Snow

Once you’ve secured the high-traffic routes in your parking lot, the next challenge is to clear the snow on the ground with a snowplow.

Be careful, though, to avoid blocking the high-traffic routes you just cleared to provide access to your premises. Remember, clearing several inches of snow will create large piles, so plan out where these will go ahead of time. Sometimes, you’ll need to dedicate a section of your parking lot to temporarily store snow before the thaw if there is a substantial quantity of it. Most businesses choose areas distant from their front doors to avoid inconveniencing customers.

Tip #3: Keep Catchment Basins Clear

Where possible, try to avoid piling snow on top of catchment basins and drains. Stubborn mounds can prevent subsequent rainfall from draining away from your parking lot. And in some cases, freeze-thaw weathering can damage the drain and grille.

Tip #4: Leave Snow Pile Space For Future Storms

Lastly, businesses in Michigan never quite know when the next storm is going to hit. For that reason, it’s a good idea to always leave space in your parking lot for adding snow piling, should you need it.

Global Outdoor Services are experts in managing winter property risk, and we can assist with both snow plowing and hauling to keep your parking lots snow-free. We only use commercial-grade snowplows and can ride to the rescue whenever snow threatens access to your business. Try us today!