The Benefits Of Private Road Asphalt Paving 

Whether you’re an apartment complex manager, leader of the homeowners’ association, or condo association manager, maintaining good living conditions for all residents is key. Communal areas should be a priority at all times. Private road asphalt paving installations are among the most important jobs for restoring curb appeal and promoting a positive atmosphere throughout the complex.

When you need private road asphalt paving solutions in Northern Michigan, Global Outdoor Services is the answer.

The Benefits Of Private Road Asphalt Paving 

When you are responsible for maintaining the communal areas of a private road, you need to do the best for your residents. However, you also need to know that any decision you make has the best interests of your investments in mind. 

Private road asphalt paving solutions will deliver a range of benefits for residents and managers alike, including but not limited to;

  • Create a better first impression when entering the private road to approach houses or apartment complexes.
  • Protect cars from tire damage and prevent injuries to pedestrians who may have fallen on potholes.
  • Increase individual property values and justify an increase in monthly rental prices for tenants.
  • Satisfy ADA compliance and other legal requirements, which protects your investment.
  • Know that you have a low maintenance solution that is set to last for up to 20 years, even against harsh weather.
  • Create a better access point in the case of an emergency, whether people need to enter or leave the area.

In short, keeping the private road in good health is in the best interests of residents and managers alike. By choosing asphalt, you are guaranteed a beautiful finish that provides years of service. Better still, it’s one of the most cost-effective and fastest solutions on the market, allowing you to enjoy the benefits right away.

The Private Road Asphalt Paving Process

Asphalt paving can be used to replace cracked pavement and potholes or upgrade a private road that is currently made from dirt or gravel. The beginning steps will be determined by the type of road materials currently in use as it may or may not be necessary to reshape the road or treat the base.

However, the process is likely to look something like the following;

  • Any current materials are removed and disposed of in a suitable fashion.
  • The base for the road is mounted, leveled, and smoothed out.
  • The aggregate is used to stabilize the road with soil, concrete, and limestone.
  • After the preparations are complete, asphalt can be poured and laid.
  • Any road markings can be made with cold paints or alternative methods.
  • The asphalt is tested for durability and imperfections, as well as the look.

The asphalt paving process for private roads can vary in time and price depending on a wide range of factors. These include your location, the size and shape of the road, existing materials, and how much early phase preparation is needed. Either way, Global Outdoor Service can complete the work in Northern Michigan in the fastest and most affordable way without compromising on quality. 

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