Parking Lot Striping

Your parking area is usually one of the first things that a customer sees so it is important that it looks neat and tidy. Global Asphalt Solutions can help you plan a well laid out and marked parking area, drive or walkway that is easy to understand and attractive to your customers. This can improve customer relations and prevent confusion and frustration for a visiting customer. Parking lot striping and marking are a critical piece to maximizing the space of any business. The truth is a well planned and marked parking lot can achieve a professional appearance as well as keep your business up to date with any regulations that may apply like ADA or other local enforcements. Here are some of the benefits of having a properly striped or marked lot.

  • A well-designed and clearly marked parking area makes it easy for customers to find a space and park quickly and easily.
  • Proper markings are important to insure compliance with both the Americans with Disabilities Act and local regulations.
  • Customers will interact with your parking lot before they even enter your business. A well done layout makes the right first impression when customers visit your business.

Global Asphalt Solutions service all of Traverse City and can help you get the look and appeal you need from your parking area or drive. Contact Global Asphalt for more information.