Infrared Repair

Infrared Pothole Repair/Patching is an inexpensive method of fixing cracks and potholes on asphalt surfaces. Moreover, infrared repairs take half the time typical paving would take, making life easy for property owners/managers in Traverse City, MI.

Infrared patching works by heating and melting existing asphalt and then mixing in new cement. The mixture is then poured over damaged areas on the pavement and spread evenly. Thermal bonding occurs between the old and new asphalt, creating a seamless finish once it is cooled. 

And since old asphalt is part of the mix, infrared also becomes an environmentally-friendly asphalt repair technique.

To sum up, asphalt maintenance procedures prove cheaper than repaving at any given time. At Global Asphalt Solutions, we help property owners in Traverse City, MI, with high-quality asphalt services that last. Reach out to Global Asphalt Solutions today at 1-800-ASPHALT.