How To Have ADA Compliant Snow Removal In Traverse City, MI

Snow removal is a crucial part of maintaining accessibility during the winter months, keeping businesses, individuals and transport as mobile as possible. But snow removal is about more than quickly and effectively undertaking this task. It’s also about ensuring accessibility for all. Your snow removal must be fully compliant with ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) guidelines, so everyone can be safe when making their journey in Traverse City.

Snow Removal and ADA Compliance

July 26 was the 30th year of the ADA, with Mayor Jim Carruthers outlining the need for all businesses, individuals and agencies to continue to put a focus on improving accessibility for all through ADA compliance. The NADTC (National Aging and Disability Transportation Center), put together a report on effective ADA-compliant snow removal. Right here in Traverse City, the local Michigan Bay Area Transportation Authority (BATA), collaborates with local businesses in bus stop sponsorships, where companies and agencies take responsibility for clearing each stop during the winter months.

Snow And Ice Clearance In Traverse City, MI

The ADA mandates the complete clearance of snow and ice from parking spaces (and the areas surrounding them), access routes, ramps, doorways and driving areas around your business in an as timely manner as possible after the snow has fallen. Creating accessible temporary routes to business entrances may be required to ensure that all residents are as safe as possible in accessing routes and buildings.

Snow And Ice Impacts Everyone Differently

Snow can significantly impact those in wheelchairs, where salt can cause skin irritation and even rust to the chair. For those with mobility difficulties, ice and snow may present additional fall or accident risks. At the same time, those with visual impairment may find it challenging to identify typical surface markers traditionally used for navigation. Service animals used for assistance will also find it harder than usual to navigate during snow and ice conditions, affecting their wellbeing and making it harder for them to carry out their daily support tasks. If sidewalks are blocked by snow, then individuals may feel they have no choice but to walk or use their mobility aids in the road to reach their destination.

Working With Traverse City, MI Authorities

Working with local authorities using initiatives like bus sponsorship and winter snow clearance is a great way to maintain ADA compliance and maintain access for all, whether on foot or in the car. Contact Global Outdoor Services today for a free quote on our snow and ice removal services, and comprehensive advice on how to remain ADA compliant in Traverse City, MI over the winter months. We can provide timely, efficient snow removal in line with ADA regulations for pathways, sidewalks, driveways, ramps, parking lots, entrances and temporary access routes across Traverse City.

Help keep Traverse City free and clear of snow and ice for everyone by contacting Global Outdoor Services on, or phone us on 231.715.7899 or our 24/7 emergency hotline at 231.218.4537. Whatever the weather, we’ll be on hand to help you with ADA Compliant Snow Removal in Traverse City, MI.