Get Your Parking Lots Ready for Summer

Your parking lot are more important to your company than you might think, After all, they are often the first part of your business visitors will see, and if they look damaged and unkept, they are hardly going to give your guests a good first impression of your company.

Getting your parking lots ready for summer is particularly important because spring is a good time to make any repairs, due to the milder weather, and because winter can be pretty harsh on parking lots, causing all sorts of problems from cracks to potholes.

What causes parking lot damage in winter?

There are a number of factors that can cause damage to commercial parking lots in winter, including the following:

Temperature changes

When the temperature is constantly fluctuating, it can cause ice or snow to form on your parking lots and then thaw very quickly, and it can do this over and over again. When this happens, the asphalt can become compromised and large cracks can start to form. This is bad news because the ice, snow, and rainwater can then get into the asphalt and cause the small stones that make up the parking lot to loosen. This could potentially lead to a major repair requirement unless you act fast and book an expert asphalt repair. Having some asphalt sealcoating applied would also be a good way of preventing this kind of damage from reoccurring in the coming months and years.

The use of deicers

It’s often necessary to use deicers on your commercial parking lot so that you can make it safe for customers, clients, and employees and avoid any nasty lawsuits, but doing so could cause damage to your asphalt, especially if you use the wrong products for the type of parking lot you have. Most commercial deicers contain chemicals that can weaken the integrity of asphalt and leave stains and small cracks, which look bad and which could further weaken your asphalt and cause greater damage, which would be more expensive to repair. By fixing this problem ahead of summer with a timely asphalt repair, you can improve the appearance of your parking lot and breathe easy knowing that neither the heat of the sun nor the cold of the winter, once it rolls around again, will harm your parking lot this time.

Why repairing damage is so vital

Repairing the cracks and potholes that often appear in parking lots during the winter months is very important for a number of reasons:

  • It will help to prevent, as we mentioned above, people from falling or tripping over on your parking lot, which will help to prevent your company from falling foul of injury lawsuits
  • It will improve the curb appeal of your business premises, helping your company to make an excellent first impression
  • It will maximize the space you have available for parking due to the fact that your employees and customers will not have to work around potholes and cracks
  • It will help you to meet important regulations such as making your parking lots safe and available to disabled users
  • It will save you money by increasing the longevity of your parking lot. By spending a small amount on asphalt repair and asphalt sealcoating now, you will not need to spend as much on repairs or replacement parking lots in the future.

What else should you do?

Although it is not quite as essential as repairing the damage caused by winter conditions, the spring is the perfect time to think about assessing your parking lot’s line-markings to ensure that they are ADA compliant. It’s a good idea to do this now because the weather is generally milder, so it’s easier to truly assess the situation and put down fresh line-markings if there is a need to do so.

Global Asphalt Solutions is here to help

If you want to get your parking lots ready for summer, you will definitely need the help of a professional asphalt repair company, which is where Global Asphalt solutions comes in. Our team of asphalt experts can help you with everything from fixing cracks to protecting the integrity of your parking lots with asphalt sealcoating, and we will do so in a fast, efficient and affordable manner.

By using our services, you can help to maintain your parking lots in excellent condition for longer. You can improve their longevity, make them safer, and ensure they always look good for your brand image. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Global Asphalt solutions today!