Do You Trust Your Asphalt Paving Contractor?

What Is the Importance of Multiple, Itemized Bids on an Asphalt Paving Project?

The best way to determine whether all contractors are bidding on the same job is to compare every line item appearing on multiple bids. You need to verify what services the contractor plans to provide, the types and quantities of the materials to be used, and the timeline for starting and completing the work. You should also compare labor costs, verify whether you or the contractor will obtain any permits needed, and determine whether the bid contains any statements regarding cost overruns. If one bid is significantly lower than the rest, give it additional scrutiny; a lowball bid could indicate problems with the contractor’s honesty, reputation, or workmanship.

What Questions Do I Need Answered When Selecting an Asphalt Paving Contractor?

The nature of your paving project plays a part in determining the questions that you need to ask, but here are some common questions that you need answered.

1. How much experience do you have with projects of a similar scope to mine?
2. How long have you been in business under your current company name?
3. Do you own or rent the equipment that you will need for my project?
4. Will the workers handling my project be your employees, or will you hire casual laborers or subcontractors?
5. Do you offer any type of warranty on your workmanship?
6. Why do you recommend specific asphalt mixes or construction techniques for my project?
7. How do you plan to control traffic in and around the work area?

What Does It Mean to Conduct My Due Diligence When Choosing a Paving Company?

Due diligence means that you take the time to research the company. Search online to find reviews or ratings from former customers who have posted them on impartial sites or forums. Obtain references from contractors, then contact them to ask about the company’s reliability, honesty, customer service, and workmanship. Verify that the company has valid insurance coverage, including workers’ compensation and general liability, and that the company is appropriately licensed.

How Do I Assess the Communication Skills of a Paving Contractor?

To start with, you should avoid paving contractors who speak to you in a rude or condescending manner, or who roll their eyes or sneer if you ask a question or need them to clarify a statement they made. Great paving contractors can explain every step of your project in plain language, and they are happy to do so. They should not ignore your concerns, and they should have a better answer than simply telling you that you should not worry about it. When you are speaking with potential contractors, they should give you their full attention; constantly glancing at their watches, taking multiple personal calls, or other signs that they do not respect your time or value your business could be major red flags.

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