Asphalt Repairs — Why Waiting Can Be Expensive

What Happens to My Pavement If I Delay My Asphalt Repairs?

If you have any firsthand knowledge of roof leaks, you know that they cannot repair themselves. Every time it rains, more water invades your home. Eventually, your rafters, wall studs, drywall, flooring, drapes, trim work, floor joists, and furniture will incur water damage, and it will cost you far more to restore your home than you would have paid for professional roof repairs. A similar situation happens when asphalt paving goes without crack or pothole repair. Water enters through the breaks, then gravity draws it deep into the structure of the pavement where it can erode the foundation. A weak, unstable foundation allows pavement subsidence, so more potholes and cracks develop, and alligator cracking is likely to occur. Should the trapped water freeze, the pressure from the expanding ice can inflict even more damage. It will not take long before your most cost-effective solution is to rip out your existing pavement, rebuild the foundation, and reconstruct your pavement.

Can Delaying Asphalt Repairs Cost Me Money in Other Ways?

Yes, there are many ways that neglecting your asphalt patching, pothole repair, and asphalt crack repair could affect your finances. Depending on whether you are responsible for a commercial or residential pavement, any or all of the following could apply.

1. If someone stumbles over a pothole or crack, falls, and suffers an injury, you could be held liable for the medical bills and other expenses associated with their injury.
2. If someone drives over a pothole, the result could be a blown tire, a bent rim, or damage to the suspension system, transmission, or undercarriage, and they will probably expect you to cover the cost of repairs.
3. If you have tenants or customers, you could lose at least some of them. Tenants may refuse to renew their leases, or customers could decide to take their business elsewhere. Attracting replacements can be difficult or impossible, and you will probably spend much more on marketing than it would have cost to repair your pavements properly.
4. If the damage impairs access for those with mobility challenges, you could face federal or local penalties, including class action lawsuits or fines. Many laws that cover equal access opportunities specify that pavements must be kept sufficiently repaired and maintained to eliminate potential barriers.

Why Should I Select Global Asphalt Solutions?

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