2021 Traverse City, Michigan New Year Winter Snow Removal

With winter on the way, many Michigan businesses and municipalities are thinking once more about snow removal. Sidewalk and parking lot clearing are suddenly becoming imperatives in Traverse City as temperatures plunge and storms arrive from the north.

For the last ten years, Global Outdoor Services has been heavily involved in snow removal in the local area. Our services include de-icing, sidewalk management, snow hauling, and commercial snow plowing for business customers. Our mission is to ensure that Michigan can keep working, no matter what snow throws at us in 2021.

Michigan gets a lot of snow – not quite as much as some of the New England states, like Maine and Vermont – but still enough to make life difficult for businesses and the general public going about their lives.

Snowplowing services are essential for keeping the wheels of the economy moving and ensuring that people remain safe. Without them, many organizations in Michigan, including Traverse City, would have to shut down, which could have a devastating impact on the economy.

Here are some of the snow management solutions that Global Outdoor Services offers and why they’re valuable.

Snow Plowing

Snow plowing is essential for Traverse City businesses. It helps keep major routes clear and allows you to continue operating your parking lots, even during periods of prolonged snowfall.

Global Outdoor Services uses commercial-grade snow plows to clear routes and thoroughfare to keep Traverse City moving. Scoops at the front of the vehicles effortlessly pile snow out of the way, allowing vehicular and foot traffic to pass by unimpeded. It’s convenient and affordable.

Salting And Deicing

Salting and de-icing are essential both before and after snowfall. For instance, snow can be hazardous for vehicles and foot traffic when it compacts into ice.

Our deicing services use safe chemical substances that unfreeze the water, allowing it to drain away. Our salting services do something similar and are a preventive measure that reduces the risk of ice formation. When we apply salt to road or sidewalk surfaces, it lowers water’s freezing point, preventing it from turning into a slippery solid. The best salts can keep surfaces ice-free to temperatures as low as minus thirty degrees.

Sidewalk Clearing

Icy and snow-ridden sidewalks impede people’s movement and are a health hazard, especially to senior residents. Clearing ice and snow from walking infrastructure, including sidewalks, crosswalks, bus stops, and curb ramps, is an essential part of rendering walking facilities safe to use.

According to the Department of Health, around a third of people in the US do not drive. So, they need safe sidewalks to get to places, like the grocery store.

Global Outdoor Services provides a host of sidewalk snow clearing services for both property owners and municipalities, helping them to meet their statutory obligations.

Snow Hauling

Snow hauling is the final component of our suite of Michigan new year winter snow removal services. Here we collect snow from customers’ locations and remove it to a place where it can safely thaw and return to the environment—no more piles of snow cluttering your premises.

Want to find out more about snow removal services available in Traverse City? Get in touch with us today and find out how we can help your organization keep people safe.