Global Outdoor Service has been performing concrete services since our creation.

Concrete work is an important percentage of virtually every construction project. At times the whole project literally is focused on the concrete. In additional cases, the concrete has to fill a specialty function within a larger construction job. Our extensive experience at concrete projects puts our clients at ease.

The further Northern we travel in the United States, a lot more likely we see asphalt parking lots. This is due to the amount of freeze and thaw cycles that stem from colder regions. Unlike pavement, concrete is not pliable, so that it is much less forgiving when it comes to heaving from freeze and unfreeze cycles.  However, concrete can also be the best bang for your buck, compared to asphalt, in certain situations.

Old Concrete

If you already have a concrete parking lot it may be beginning to show the signs of getting older and deteriorating, or perhaps needs a mending and repairs and looks patchy, blotchy and uninviting, entirely removing and replacing the complete concrete parking lot may be the best option.  This absolutely should be conducted by a reputable concrete company that will do it right the 1st time.

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