Waterscaping in Traverse City

Global Outdoor Service is  the premier water fountain design and installation firm in the Traverse City area. Dedicated custom water features which include ponds, waterfalls & fields, and pond-less waterfalls. Global Outdoor Service combines a keen esteem for the environment with a responsibility to excellence to produce quality water features which will be liked by generations to come.

Waterfalls & streams certainly are lovely, serving as the focal points on the pond, and perhaps your entire panorama. In fact, sometimes people are and so enamored with wateralls and streams that they don’t notice that the pond even is out there. But how can you have the waterfall design without the pond? It’s known as pond-less waterfall, a new water gardening marvel that reduces the maintenance of a pond.

Residential and Commercial Waterscaping

Raise your landscape’s value with one of each of our custom water features made specifically for your yard. No matter what you choose you will be extremely happy, call Global Outdoor Service for residential and commercial waterscaping.