Specialized Landscaping in Traverse City

Putting plan to paper is important in designing your scenery. If you’re working on a simple design, graph and tracing report might be all you need. A professional landscape designer starts with a property or home survey and topographical road, and then typically creates a compilation of conceptual sketches, elevations and final renderings as the vision evolves and crystallizes.

When it comes to creating a garden plan, the most difficult part is the starting point. Think about your yard: Do you do a wide range of entertaining? Front yards will often be underused — and under planted. There are also garden landscaping plans to cut down on the project you have to do — no-mow, or low-maintenance. A backyard landscaping plan doesn’t have to kill your budget just to enhance your front yard. Young families spend so much of their time from the yard — but spots have to be friendly for both parents and kids. Good yard landscape plans do both, with areas that allow for activity and escape. A small garden deserves the same attention as a large yard, as well.

Landscaping Design Plans

Landscape plans employ symbols to indicate plants, hardscape materials, trees and other features. The symbols are definitely not standardized so whatever you use, be sure they mean the same thing to you and your landscape designer. They should be straightforward yet suggestive of the genuine appearance of the landscape characteristics.  Contact Global Outdoor Service for landscaping service in Traverse City.