Your Choice for Asphalt Paving in Michigan

Global Asphalt Solutions is the Asphalt contractor for you because our services will give you a perfectly paved driveway, parking lot, tennis court or other paved spaces. Our asphalt services can be performed on both residential and commercial property, and we can even repair certain problem areas in need.

Asphalt repairs are usually needed for fixing smaller parts of a parking lot or driveway. Usually the entire area won’t need to be re-done, just certain sections of it.  Global Asphalt Solutions will send an asphalt professional to your site to assess the problem, find the cause of the damage, and make the fix in the most efficient manner.

Residential Asphalt Paving

Residential customers can expect us to deliver quality, long-lasting paved asphalt driveway for your home. When installing blacktop driveways, the details matter and our professional and experienced staff has the expertise to deliver a quality product.  Instead of just trying to get the job done as quickly as possible, we consider the amount of people that will come and go on your driveway, and how important proper installation is.