Infrared Asphalt Repair in Michigan

The infrared method contains two main components: infrared reclaimer and a heater. The reclaimer is actually a portable heater that keeps typically the hot-mix asphalt at a controllable temperature (between 250-350F). The pavement heater is capable of heating the existing pavement area, within and around the area to get patched, to a workable temp close to 320F without overcooking or oxidizing it. After the area needing repairs is usually heated to the appropriate heat range, the area is raked for permeability. Then the virgin hot-mix asphalt is moved from the reclaimer into the pothole location, easily blending in with the earlier asphalt material with  a seamless patch that does not allow water to drip in, avoiding damage of the repair and long lasting patch.

Infrared Paved Repair Benefits

The freshly applied asphalt is then luted to form a level cap within the damaged area. Once that asphalt is in place, a roller must press the location down to form a level limit, starting with the seams and working its way in.  No loud machinery is required, that enables repairs to be conducted whenever you want during day without distressing local residences. Infrared could also be used to remove excess asphalt, fix existing patches, re-seam a previous patch job and never have to cut into anything. A great infrared machine essentially gets rid of the need for a saw for almost any kind of job, and makes use of far less asphalt and labour hours in the process