Crack Sealing and Asphalt Lifespan

Crack Sealing, according to several DOT’s can increase the lifespan of roads, parking lots, and driveways up to 10 years when compared to other types of temporary treatments such as chip seals, micro paving, overlays, and slurry seals.

Do it Right the First Time

If you’re going to lay blacktop pavement, go all the way and have it properly sealed by professionals. It will help you cut down the costs on repairing the pavement over the years, and reduce the risk of having to repave your driveway entirely. For more information about residential and commercial pavement and crack sealing options, call us today. New asphalt driveways should undergo driveway sealing within 12 months of installation, but should not be sealed sooner than 90 days after being installed.