Asphalt Striping in Michigan

We can handle any type of asphalt lot striping project.

Re-Stripe-Re-striping will be the simplest, fastest, and most affordable. We will paint new resilient lines over existing styles for an updated look.
Re-Stripe after Sealcoat-This is basically just like a re-stripe. In this case we all put new marking back again after a full sealcoat has been performed. This is essential after any sealcoating job.
New Layouts-Have you broadened your business? Had construction recently? Looking to fix targeted traffic problems? We can design, build, and implement a new whole lot layout to maximize parking places, traffic flow patterns, and update the particular lot for specific guidelines.
We use specialist pavement marking equipment and techniques on every job conducted.
This ensures quality delivery connected with clear and crisp lines on your pavement. Clearly designated lines, stencils, directional arrows, stop bars, and crosswalks are essential. Correctly done, the final result will enhance the flow associated with traffic so that it’s successful and problem free. We will also ensure that the striping is compliant with the American Disability Act (ADA); this specific item reduces owner’s liability.

Quality Pavement Striping

We always apply commercial grade traffic paints that perform well and look excellent.
We use both h2o based paints and solvent based thermoplastic paints, according to the surface and customer needs. Water based paint dries very quickly, usually within several to ten minutes of application, while the solvent based thermoplastic paint takes about twenty minutes to dry. We can add glass beads to the paved markings for reflective functions and longevity, if required.  Call Global Outdoor Service today for more information on asphalt striping.