Asphalt Resurfacing Across Michigan

With our proven experience of resurfacing asphalt driveways, we have established the unique ability to provide the finest quality for your residential asphalt resurfacing job. Coupled with proper preparation, asphalt paving equipment and knowledge, our residential and commercial asphalt repair and resurfacing makes your driveway’s appearance and strength second to none. We are well prepared with any necessary permits or pre-paving requirements so that the work on your driveway is implemented in the proper progression.

Asphalt Resurfacing for Parking Lots

For our commercial paving customers we’ll provide professional consultation and free estimates to give you a specific scope of what work you will need done so you know exactly what you are paying for, and how you can get the best return on investment.  Our parking lots are built to withstand harsh winters with the seal coats that we put on them.  After years of wear and tear, we can resurface, patch or repair asphalt on the lot to bring it back to life.

Regardless of what kind of paving service you need, look to Global Asphalt Solutions. We’re reliable, credible, and understand the importance of having a professional, safe and dependable asphalt surface for you or your customers.  That’s why we’ve been recognized as the most cost effective and professional asphalt resurfacing in Michigan.